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Insulation Materials for the Power Generation and Electric Motor Coil Manufacturer

When working with high voltage or heat, the risk of failure is high and the margin for error is low. You need cut resistant materials to prevent wiring from shorting out, conductive components to maintain proper resistance, and mica tapes that can improve voltage endurance and add life to coil testing and performance.

Electrolock provides a complete portfolio of such insulation materials. Whether you’re using vacuum pressure impregnation or resin rich technology, our engineers can help you design your insulation system or provide complete in-house testing capabilities. Both of our manufacturing facilities are prepared to convert materials to your required dimensions.

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Stator Coils
VPI Coils
Resin Rich Coils
  • Resin Rich Mica Tapes
  • B-Staged Epoxy Felts
  • Crossover Insulations
Dip and Bake
  • Film Backed Tapes
Corona Suppression Tapes
  • Conductive Tapes
  • Gradient Tapes
Processing and Winding Materials
  • Stack Separator
  • Polyclip Coil Tie
  • Crossover Insulations
  • Stator Ty
  • Stator Release
  • B-Staged Blocking Felts

Rotor Coils

Rotor Turn Insulation