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Battery Insulation

Custom Battery Insulation Sleeves

Custom Battery Insulation Materials for Military, Automotive and Energy Storage Applications

It’s a story all too familiar—cells overheating, causing thermal runaway, putting companies in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Despite these risks, we rely on batteries to power everything from our cell phones to electric vehicles to military munitions to down hole drilling equipment.

At Electrolock, we understand the need to choose the correct insulation materials to protect the inside or outside of the cell. We work with our customers engineering group to define all the requirements that the insulation material needs to meet, then chose the correct materials to maintain safe performance. We’ve designed materials to protect the coil collector, insulation sleeves to withstand the harshest environments, and flame retardant barriers used to insulate the entire battery pack.

Never has it been more important to provide reliable, safe, battery insulation materials for our customers.

We understand that it’s more than just delivering the final product. It’s about safety. We take extreme precaution and attention to detail during each step of the insulation design phase. We design finished parts that will process in your equipment, perform exactly to specification and meet your cost requirements.

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Prepare Your Batteries With the Help Of…

  • Battery End-Caps

  • Battery Separators

  • Battery Sleeve Insulation

  • Mica Flame Barrier

  • Electrical Insulation

  • Polypropylene Pouches

  • Energy Storage

  • Sensor Insulation

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Polymide Tubes

  • The Original Battery Mat®

Prizmatic Insulation

Pouch Cell Edge Insulation

Shrink Sleeve

Mica Flame Barrier