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Epoxy Prepregs

For a Variety of Composite Applications

Working with liquid epoxy resins can be a dangerous, time-consuming, and messy process. Rather than have to worry about wasting epoxy or finding a resin that satisfies your application’s needs, you should be able to turn to a team of experts that can help develop a custom epoxy prepreg.

Need custom resins with adjusted levels of tack and additives? We can create them for high temperature applications and with better Tg performance. If you have fabrics that need to be coated with epoxy and partially cured, we can create prepregs for a variety of materials like woven glass, kevlar, special 3D weaves and high temperature films. If you need a more accurate way to apply liquid coats of epoxy, we manufacture film adhesives that allow you to easily place however much epoxy you need on the surface of parts.

At Electrolock, we manufacture high strength structural prepregs. Our glass substrate layout is important for strength and flexibility, and the resin system supports the fiber orientation through mechanical stress and thermal aging. Our thermoset resin systems provide mechanical strength at high temperature, reduce weight loss during thermal endurance, and machines cleanly during fabrication.

Whatever your needs, we can create a custom epoxy formulation for your prepreg — with the right level of tack and coat weight — that works for your process.

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