Since 1957, we have been helping companies solve electrical and thermal insulation problems. Working with you, we define the problem, then design and manufacture the solution.
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We'll help you meet the challenge.  
After all, your problem is unique. Why isn't your solution?

At Electrolock, we are committed to understanding your application and finding the right solution. That is why we do not have a standard "catalog." We do not want to provide you a product that seems to fit your need, but in fact does not meet all of your requirements.

We believe that products fail for the one thing they do wrong, not the ten things they do right. We work to define the process problems and answer the critical questions including the thermal, electrical, chemical, and mechanical requirements. We then design and test a customized solution within the specified budget that meets these target parameters. We are ready to meet the challenge at every step; definition, validation, and implementation.


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