High Temp Wire & Cable

High Performance Insulation Tapes For Wire and Cable Applications

Wires and cables need to withstand extreme temperatures and carry demanding amounts of voltage, all while maintaining integrity and retaining key electrical properties. In order to protect your wires and cables from intense temperatures and preserve a high level of performance, you need to use materials crafted by a team of technical experts with a wealth of design and manufacturing experience.

Electrolock offers a complete range of high performance wire and cable insulation solutions, including pyrodox, mica tapes, polyimide, silicone glass, and various separator products. You can acquire these in custom slit widths from ⅛’’ to more than 2.5’’, with most products available on traverse packs or flat pads. Through extensive wire and cable insulation expertise, and a commitment to responsive customer service, we can meet your most demanding high temperature insulation requirements.

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Protect and Improve Your Wires and Cables With…

High Temperature Wire and Cable
Magnet Wire
  • Polyimide Tape — FEP Coated Polyimide
  • Mica Tape — Conductofol
  • Nomex — Thermal and Electrical Barrier