Polyshrink Film

Polyshrink and Freebond Shrink/Release Films used for processing high voltage coils and composites.

Electrolock’s Polyshrink and Freebond shrink and release films are custom designed to optimize compaction forces during the cure cycle of high voltage coils and electrical composites. Before selecting the correct film, thickness or shrink percentage, Electrolock first understands your composite structure. The goal is to apply the correct compaction force to the part during the cure cycle, increasing resin flow and reducing voids in the finished part.

Electrolock can choose from PET, FEP, Polyimide and other films to match the cure temperature of your part. Polyshrink films are supplied with our proprietary “non-silicone” release coating on one or both sides of the film, ensuring an easy release off of the cured high voltage coil or part.

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Key areas of expertise:

Shrink Percentage

Range of 5% – 20%

Film Thickness

Range of 0.001 in – 0.005 in
(0.025 mm – 0.125 mm)

Release Coatings

Variety of release coatings with perforated and multiple release sides

Cure Temperature

Film substrates supports a wide range of cure temperatures: 160°C to 400°C

With our high quality, cost effective Polyshrink Films and our expertise in custom insulation solutions, we can provide the right film for your application needs.

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