Spiral Wound Tubing

A wide array of unique, highly customized materials 

When searching for a spiral wound tube, we can all agree that every application is different. So why compromise on performance by limiting your options to off-the-shelf products? Electrolock understands that your company’s needs are unique. That’s why we take an engineering approach to find a custom solution for you. 

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Our engineering team thrives on solving complex challenges.

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We take the time to ask the right questions: How will you use the tube? What are the performance requirements? Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical, Chemical. How will it be installed? What does this tube need to cost? 

A final solution you can count on.

Electrolock uses our extensive background in materials to custom design a tube to fit your application and budget. Materials like PET (polyester), Kapton ® (polyimide), Nomex ® (aramid paper), aluminum, fiberglass, felt, vulcanized fiber, and mica can all be considered options to create a tube. 


Related Materials & Methods

SWT Dimension Options
Wall Thickness Range .002” – .125”
Inside Diameter Range .050” – 6.0”
Shrink or Non-Shrink

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Spiral Wound Tubing can be made with heat shrinkable polyester or polymide films.


Spiral Wound Tubing can be made with non-shrink thermally stable films.


Electrolock offers spiral wound tubing that is conductive or semi-conductive.

High Cut-Through

Spiral Wound Tubing can be produced with high cut through resistance products such as Kevlar or Glass.


Nomex® provides thermal and electrical insulation up to 220°C.


Polyimide films offer high dielectric strength and thermal performance up to 230°C.


Polyester films provide high dielectric strength but are limited to about 130°C thermal applications.


PEEK Films are a good compromise between Polyester and Polyimide, offering high dielectric strength and good thermal performance.


Ultem® offers good dielectric and thermal performance up to 170°C.


Fiberglass provides strong reinforcement, low thermal coefficent of expansion, and very high thermal performance up to 600°C.


Felts offer low thermal conductivity and can be made with Glass, Nomex, or Polyester.


Copper or Aluminum foils are available in a variety of thicknesses.


Cut outs and or notches can be fabricated in the tubes.


Tubes can be thermoformed to produce a shoulder or end cap.

Cut to Length

Precise cut to length fabrication is possible.


Very thin walls of less than 0.003" are possible or thick wall constructions up to 0.120" are available depending on the materials selected.


Tubes can be flood coated with colors.


Tubing can have heat sealed end caps.

Sonic Welded

Ultrasonically heat sealed tubes seems can be made with high reliability.