High Temp Wire & Cable

High Performance Insulation Tapes for Wire and Cable Applications

Protect, Perform and Preserve. At Electrolock, we are all about balance. We understand what it takes to create wire and cable solutions to withstand extreme temperatures, in demanding applications, all while maintaining integrity and retaining key electrical properties. Our engineers work tirelessly to create custom solutions that keep all parts and the solutions they fuel working together.

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Balancing design and manufacturing experience, Electrolock offers a complete range of high performance wire and cable insulation solutions.

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Our engineers are able to meet your most demanding high temperate insulation requirements leveraging high temp film, flame retardant insulation or the latest and most-trusted flame barrier components.

*Pyrodox is a registered trademark of Electrolock, Inc.

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We incorporate a range of materials including Pyrodox®, mica flame tape, polyimide, silicone glass, and various separator products. You can acquire these in custom slit widths from ⅛’’ to more than 2.5’’, with most products available on traverse packs or flat pads.

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  • High Temperature Wire and Cable
  • Mica Tapes – Pyrodox Silicone Bonded Mica Tapes
  • Polyimide – FEP Coated Polyimide
  • Polyester – Separator Tape
  • Shielding – Electrical or Thermal Shielding Tapes
  • Magnet Wire
  • Polyimide Tape – FEP Coated Polyimide
  • Mica Tape – Conductofol
  • Nomex – Thermal and Electrical Barrier

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Foils and foil laminates to film or paper provide EMI Shielding to cables.

Flame Barriers

Mica tapes provide excellent flame barriers and high temperature circuit integrity.

Dielectric Barriers

Polyimide films can provide high dielectric strengths up to 6000 volts/mil.


There are many high temperature papers used as separating tapes in high temperature cables.

Pyrodox® Mica Tapes

Pyrodox® Mica tapes are high temperature silicone bonded mica tapes providing excellent thermal performance in high temperature applications.


Kapton® provides high dielectric strength and thermal performance up to 240°C.


Nomex® provides 500 volt per mil dielectric strength with thermal performance up to 220°C.

Traverse Packs

Traverse packaging can provide lengths 8 to 10 times longer than are available in pads. They are particularly helpful on narrow widths where pads are impractical.

Flat Pads

Flat pads are popular when slit widths are greater than 1".

2-Ply Traverse Packs

2-ply traverse packages allow the taper to balance tension on fine wire to prevent cable occelation at the wrapping location.