High Voltage Insulation Materials

High Voltage Insulation Materials for Power Generation and Electric Coil Manufacturers

We believe in building success from the inside out. Working with high voltage leaves little room for error.

Our partners trust us to provide high performance mica insulation tapes to optimize ground wall thickness and improve voltage endurance. Coupled with premium conductive and gradient tapes, Electrolock provides materials and engineering support from coil design, manufacturing and testing. Because what you can’t see on the outside makes all the difference to our customers.

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Key areas of expertise:

Power Generation

  • VPI Stator Coils and Bars
  • Resin Rich Stator Coils and Bars
  • Corona Suppression Tapes
  • Rotor Turn Insulation
  • Ancillary Materials


  • VPI Stator Coils and Bars
  • Resin Rich Stator Coils and Bars
  • Corona Suppression Tapes
  • Dip and Bake
  • Ancillary Materials

Hairpin Motors for EV and HEV

  • Slot Liners
  • Magnet Wire Insulation
  • Phase Insulation
  • Conductor Sleeves

In high voltage, all phases of producing a coil are critical.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Electrolock engineers help optimize coil design by choosing from our portfolio of customized materials. Each application is different, so choosing the correct materials for your coil is critically important, especially in high voltage.

A final solution you can count on.

Manufacturing methods, materials, trained operators and quality equipment are needed to produce a premium coil. Whether you’re using vacuum pressure impregnation or resin rich technology, call us to help you design your high voltage insulation system.

Related Materials & Methods

  • Stator Coils
  • VPI Coils
  • Mica Ground Wall Tapes
  • Mica Turn Tapes
  • B-Stage Interface Tapes
  • B-Staged Blocking Felts
  • Resin Rich Coils
  • Resin Rich Mica Tapes
  • B-Staged Epoxy Felts
  • Dip and Bake
  • Film Backed Tapes
  • Corona Suppression Tapes
  • Conductive Tapes
  • Gradient Tapes
  • Processing and Winding Materials
  • Stack Separator
  • Polyclip Coil Tie
  • Crossover Insulations
  • Stator Ty
  • Stator Release
  • Rotor Coils
  • Rotor Turn Insulation
  • Epoxy Adhesive Coated
  • Slotted

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