Thermal Insulation

Custom Thermal Insulation for Extreme Environments

One-size never fits all, especially when it comes to thermal insulation. At Electrolock, we understand that no two applications are identical. We work with our customers to define the specific performance requirements of their application, understand how the material will be processed and define their cost constraints. We then tailor the material to meet all of these requirements. 

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Electrolock’s engineers specialize in solving complex
materials challenges.

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We provide materials that include: fiberglass papers, needled felts made from aramid (Nomex®), polyester, PAN or fiberglass, mica plate and specialty flame retardant laminates. Any of these materials can be additionally laminated with pressure sensitive adhesives, foils or flame retardant papers. 

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Whether preventing thermal runaway in batteries, maintaining temperature in heated tube bundles, or protecting heat-sensitive products, our solutions are customized to meet your performance needs. 

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E-glass woven glass tapes, used for Electrical and thermal applications up to 540° C.


Needled high temperature felt for operating temperatures up to 1000° C.


Woven ceramic fiber to be used in the highest operating temperatures up to 1100° C.


Woven Kevlar® fabrics for high strength and impact resistance.


Nonwoven fiberglass mat in a variety of thicknesses and basis weight.


Nonwoven Nomex® Aramid Paper that provides dielectric and mechanical strength at temperatures up to 220° C and a 94-V0 flame rating.


Nonwoven Polyester low temperature thermal insulation.


Binderless needled glass felt ranging from 1/8" to 1" thicknesses. Temperature resistance up to over 540° C.


Needled Nomex® aramid felt. Operating temperature resistance up to 220° C.


Needled nonwoven high temperature felt used for thermal insulation with unusual good short term flame resistance.


Needled polyester felt for low temperature thermal insulation applications.


Needled high temperature felt for operating temperatures up to 1000° C.


Needled highest temperature felt for operating temperatures up to 1100° C.