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Porex Spiral Wound Tubing

UV Reflective Tubing

Improve UV Light dispersion and reflection with our UV Reflective Tubing

UV light is an effective measure against invading bacteria and viruses for air handlers and fluid transport. However, when UV light is free to bounce around the reaction chamber, the effectiveness of inline UV light systems can deteriorate rapidly if you are not utilizing highly reflective media. Our UV reflective tubing serves the purpose of containing these bounces and further reflecting the light increasing its effectiveness in a semi-closed system. This promotes better sanitation of such bacteria in gasses and fluids.

  • Custom sized tube matching your system requirements
  • Inner lining of proprietary highly reflective PTFE with high reflectance, refractance and diffusion
  • Designed as an inline tube combined with a UV light system on ducting or piping
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots – POREX Virtek PTFE scatters light in all directions, spreading UV light evenly across a surface and eliminating cold spots where bacteria may survive.
  • Maximize lighting efficacy – With over 97% average reflectance from 220nm to 400nm, less light is lost to absorption.
  • Maintain performance in high temperatures – Working temperature of POREX Virtek PTFE is 260ºC.

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Electrolock has teamed up with Porex®

to form continuous spiral-wound tubing reflectors for inline installation on UV-equipped systems.

Porex® reflects 99% of UV-C (200-280 nm), UV-B (280-320nm) and 96% of UV-A (320-400nm)

Maximize UV for Disinfection Applications:

POREX Virtek® sintered PTFE is ideal for ultraviolet light reflectivity. With over 99% average reflectance from 220nm to 400nm, POREX Virtek pure PTFE reflectors can maximize disinfection rates and minimize system cost.

Maximizing Disinfection with UV chambers:

It is useful to maximize energy usage to disinfect water or gas more thoroughly in a chamber or conduit. UV photons are recycled in a PTFE-lined chamber; the light is reflected to maximize disinfection in a tube or chamber (up to 10x more effective than common metal reflectors). Because POREX Virtek PTFE reflects diffusely, the UV energy is spread, and the entire volume and all surfaces are evenly irradiated

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots:

POREX Virtek® sintered PTFE has almost perfect diffuse reflectance. Since light is scattered in all directions, the UV light can be spread evenly across a surface, thereby eliminating cold spots where bacteria may survive

A Final Solution You Can Count On

When searching for a spiral wound tube, we can all agree that every application is different. So why compromise on performance by limiting your options to off the shelf products?

Give us a call or send us a message and let’s talk about your application!

Need to Place an Order, Request a Sample or Datasheet?


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