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high temperature electrical insulation materials

Breaking Down High-Temperature Electrical Insulation Materials

For many manufacturing processes and various other industries, it is crucial to have the proper electrical insulation materials in place. High temperatures are common in various industries and making sure the right high-temperature electrical insulation materials are in use can extend the life of your equipment and increase safety measures for your employees.

There are many materials that you can choose from depending on your needs. From shielding to flame and dielectric barriers to separators, it is important to understand which materials are right for your application.

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Types of High-Temperature Electrical Insulation Materials


This high-temperature polymer is a great choice for electrical insulation applications due to its thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical durability. Polyimide is able to withstand temperatures greater than 500°C or 932°F, making it a great polymer for insulation in applications where temperatures can be volatile.

Electrolock carries both Apical® and Kapton® products, which fall under the polyimide umbrella. Both have strong thermal, electrical, and chemical properties that are great for insulating motor generators, wires, and cables.

Teflon® or PTFE

PTFE, more commonly known as Teflon, is a synthetic polymer made from carbon and fluorine bonds. It is one of the most popular insulating materials due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures up to 260°C or 500°F. With its dielectric properties and chemical resistance, it is used widely in wire insulation in the automotive, construction, and aerospace industries. Electrolock carries various types of Teflon, including:

  • PFA is one of the strongest, most durable forms of Teflon, being able to withstand the hottest temperatures of the PTFEs
  • Sintered PTFE has a high elongation and is resistant to weathering, making it ideal for wrapping wires and cables
  • Tensilized PTFE provides greater tensile strength, meaning it can handle a lot of stress in the form of force, and is used to wrap electrical transformers and wires
  • UnSintered PTFE is exclusively used for wrapping wire and cables due to its excellent dielectric properties

Nomex® Mica

With high dielectric strength, flexibility, and resilience, this material is an excellent insulator for electrical equipment. There are various types of Nomex tape that Electrolock supplies, such as:

  • Nomex 410 is used in a majority of electrical equipment and is the original form of Nomex®
  • Nomex 411 has high bulk and conformability, which makes it ideal for use as motor phase insulation and transformer coil filler
  • Nomex 418 has a high voltage tolerance, allowing it to be used in high-voltage applications, such as motor conductor wrap, coil wrap, transformer ground insulation, and layer insulation

Pyrodox® Mica

Pyrodox is a heat-treated mica tape that is made to withstand electrical and thermal overloads and high-moisture conditions. Due to its properties, it can be used in various applications, such as fire survival for power cables, transit, oil, thermocouples, and appliance wiring. A few of the Pyrodox Mica tapes available through Electrolock are:

  • Pyrodox GP is a phlogopite mica tape that is made of halogen-free silicone binder and non-alkaline fiberglass backing
  • Pyrodox GM is a calcined muscovite mica tape that has similar components and properties as Pyrodox GP
  • Pyrodox PEP is a heat-treated phlogopite mica tape with a halogen-free silicone binder and polyethylene backing
  • Pyrodox SG is a synthetic mica tape with a halogen-free silicone binder and non-alkaline fiberglass backing
  • Pyrodox SEP is a synthetic mica tape made with a halogen-free silicone binder and polyethylene backing
  • Pyrodox PET is a phlogopite mica tape with a halogen-free silicone binder and polyester backing

Partner with Electrolock to Discover the Right High-Temperature Electrical Insulation Materials for You

For more than 60 years, Electrolock has been creating insulation products for high-temperature electrical applications, batteries, high-voltage applications, and thermal runaway applications. Our goal is to create safe and effective insulation materials that maintain the integrity of your product and keep the electrical properties of the wire intact.

Your high-temperature electrical application is unique, which is why our team of engineers will work closely with you to create a custom insulation solution that will fit your exact needs. We offer various raw materials and products so we can quickly design, manufacture, and convert your insulation products to get them to you quickly.

Contact our team today to see what solutions we can create for you, or to talk to one of our experts about your specific needs.

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