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layflat tubing
It’s no secret that heat shrink tubing is a critical element in production for many industries, from component manufacturing for automotive and aerospace to sporting goods. But PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate, or Polyester) layflat tubing, while also being heat shrinkable, maximizes the impact of this versatile element for battery production. Heat shrink tubing is often used...
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high voltage insulation testing
High voltage insulation testing is important when making changes to high voltage coil designs. Companies need to confirm that the performance of the new design will meet or exceed the current specs. No coil manufacturer will make the decision to alter the insulation systems involved in coil construction lightly. Perhaps a coil needs to be...
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polyester heat shrink
Polyester heat shrink materials, be it in applied tape, film, or spiral wound tubing, are critical in the manufacturing and processing of high-voltage components — and composites used across many other industries. Polyester heat shrink tape, in particular, is regarded as one of the best ways to compress composite materials, wet layups, and prepregs that...
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testing insulation materials
Insulation is essential to ensure that power generators, motors, and medium and high voltage coils and bars of all types provide long-term service under various operating conditions. Given that the price of failure in such applications is steep, analytically testing insulation materials should be top of mind for those working in the industry. When reliability...
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Isovolta mica tapes
Electrolock has been supplying some of the highest quality mica insulation tapes to some of the largest OEMs for decades. Key to these relationships is our extensive knowledge base — from our engineering team through to the president of our company — and access as a certified distributor for essential distributors. For instance, the Isovolta...
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High-temperature laminates provide additional characteristics to parts and materials, while also ensuring their performance in applications where heat and thermal resistance is critical. In general terms, lamination is the technique or process of manufacturing a material consisting of multiple layers; This composite material, or the part it is applied to, will then have improved characteristics....
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cad cutting table
The use of a CAD cutting table empowers Electrolock in the prototyping and fabrication of parts used across a wide range of industries. The precision and efficiency afforded with the use of this device aids in quickly delivering proof of concepts and production for larger, two-dimensional parts. This process represents one way Electrolock provides insulation...
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spiral wound tubing features
Spiral wound tubing features the ability to uniquely tackle many challenges through its versatility — in composition and material used — and in the ability to add manufacturing and fabrication options, further optimizing efficiency and serving specific needs. Spiral wound tubing is produced by wrapping several strips, or laminations, of adhesive coated materials such as...
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battery insulation sleeving
Backed by federal directives and increasing consumer interest, Electric Vehicle (EV) sales are expected to rise dramatically over the next decade. But EVs need vast quantities of energy in order to function. This energy is stored in high-voltage batteries that must have perfect electrical insulation to function correctly and as such, battery insulation sleeving is...
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mica tape for cables
When seeking insulation materials for extremely harsh environments, discerning engineers will often elect to go with mica tape for cables and wiring due to its fire resistance, extremely high dielectric strength, and excellent thermal stability. First, What is Mica?? Mica is the name given to a group of minerals that naturally forms in layers with...
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