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Custom Slot Liners for Hairpin Hybrid Motors

Want more power from that motor? Try redesigning your slot liner.

Optimizing slot liner design can help create the most power from your hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) or electric vehicle (EV).

One of the biggest challenges for the HEV/EV manufacturers is how to achieve more horsepower from the same size motor. How do you optimize the amount of copper used by the hairpin coil in the slot?

We took this challenge to our Electrolock engineers who created a custom slot liner solution. Designed using the thinnest wall thickness while still performing at a high level, our slot liner allows manufacturers to maximize the amount of copper used in the slot.

Currently, many motor manufacturers, using hairpin coil designs, are insulating the slot with traditional slot liner shapes and materials (S, B and U shaped insulation). Both manufacturing and electrical challenges arise from this style of slot liner. Not only are these designs difficult to insert into the slot, but after insertion, the slot liner does not hold its shape, making it difficult to insert the conductor. These traditional slot liner options are also the leading cause of electrical failures: shorting between turns or to the slot wall.

Frustration, high scrap rates, low productivity. Sound familiar?

Electrolock’s slot liner solution is custom designed to meet all of your electrical requirements (dielectric breakdown and partial discharge inception voltage), your temperature requirements (Class H or higher) and your mechanical requirements (abrasion resistance, bond to the slot wall and to the conductor). It meets all these requirements while also providing the thinnest insulation design.

Bottom line: we make custom products that will work in your existing system. Getting in the trenches with your engineers to understand exactly what you need is the first step toward a better solution. As a result, we understand how the product will process, the performance requirements, and what it needs to cost to execute this next-level design.

As with all products we supply, Electrolock can test on site. Doing so gives you the confidence that our custom solution will perform the way it is designed.

See the difference. Watch our custom slot liner design in action HERE.

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