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Special Notice Regarding Polyimide Film Availability

Marketplace demand for Polyimide Film is outpacing availability, but Electrolock has the supply to meet your needs.

The current Polyimide Film supply shortage is the result of significant demand from flatscreen electronics manufacturers. The thermal transfer properties of modified Polyimide Film make it perfect for use in LCD screens and other similar electronics applications. Supply issues have affected lead times and pricing, causing interruptions throughout the market.

Despite the widespread Polyimide Film shortage, Electrolock is able to meet demand in a timely manner. We’re confident in our continued ability to supply Polyimide Film for both existing and new applications. Further, Electrolock’s engineering team is ready to assist with solution design, application testing, process integration, or any other materials engineering needs.

Organizations with immediate or upcoming Polyimide Film supply needs should contact Electrolock asap.

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