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silicon bonded mica cable tape

Silicone Bonded Mica Cable Tapes

When there is a need for high temperature, fire resistant wire insulation that can provide circuit integrity in applications up to 500⁼C, at voltage levels up to 1000 volts, design engineers are looking for insulation materials that go beyond the traditional extruded rubber or plastics found in conventional cables.

Electrolock’s Pyrodox Cable tapes offer the design engineer the unique high temperature features of thin inorganic mica paper bonded with silicone resins to a strength member of glass, polyethylene, or polyester film. These tapes can be precision slit to widths of less than 200 thousandths of an inch and spiral wrapped on wires as small as 22 gauge.

Pyrodox cable mica tapes have been used in UL 5107, UL 5128, and UL 2196 high temperature cables for applications in high temperature appliance, igniter cables for furnaces, thermocouple cables, and other high temperature cable applications. They are also used in military shipboard cables where low smoke halogen free cables are required.

Pyrodox cable tapes are available in widths as thin as 3 mils and are provided in slit pads or traverse wound spools. Traverse wound spools provide manufacturers with long continuous tape lengths without bulky, pressure-sensitive tape splices that can create a bulge in the insulation wall. These long continuous lengths significantly reduce taping machine down time.

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