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battery insulation material
Tailoring Your Material to Your Application is Critical The world today runs on batteries, of many types and styles. Larger battery packs power electric vehicles (EVs), smaller lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries fuel our cellphones and tablets and even ‘traditional’ batteries empower a plethora of hand-held devices. However, each of these use cases needs battery...
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mica plate battery insulation
Traditional Material Developing into Key Component for EV Protection As the electrical vehicle (EV) market continues to expand and grow, there is more focus on developing new options for insulating and dissipating the heat from the battery packs used to power them. Mica plate battery insulation is becoming increasingly popular as an option for EV...
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We’re noticing an interesting shift in the battery, electric vehicle, and power generation industries, reinforced by our recent interactions at The Battery Show North America 2018 in Novi, Michigan. After three days of speaking with experts from the fields of battery technologies, electric vehicles, and critical power, there is clearly a new wave of excitement...
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