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How Spiral Wound Porex® Virtek PTFE Is Used In UV Disinfection

Ultraviolet or UV light has been used to disinfect surfaces, liquids, and gasses for decades. It is a highly effective method of disinfection, however, the UV light has to hit every part of the surface in order to work properly. Luckily, Electrolock’s Porex® Virtek PTFE tubing properly contains and reflects UV light, increasing its effectiveness.

How Does UV Light Disinfect Surfaces?

UV light is a great disinfectant because it requires no chemicals and still eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. The light passes through the organism, damaging its replication and protein expression processes, both of which are necessary for the survival of the organism. In just a few seconds, you have a UV-disinfected surface, gas, or liquid.

How Do the UV Reflective Porex Virtek PTFE Tubes Work?

When UV light is introduced to the reflective tube, it bounces around the chamber. If these bounces are not controlled, the effectiveness of the light will deteriorate. Using Porex Virtek PTFE tubing controls UV light bounces, which increases the effectiveness of the disinfection process.

The Porex Virtek PTFE tubing maximizes the energy used to increase the effectiveness of the disinfection. The PTFE-lined chamber recycles UV photos and the light is scattered and reflected throughout the entirety of the tube, eliminating cold spots where bacteria and viruses may survive and ensuring all surfaces are irradiated.

Applications of Porex Virtek PTFE Tubing

The high reflectivity of Porex tubing from Electrolock ensures uniform UV light distribution, increasing pathogen deactivation up to four times more than other reflective media.

Air Disinfection

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are prioritizing clean indoor air. Businesses, educational facilities, and medical facilities are all looking for efficient, safe ways to disinfect the air in their facilities. UV disinfection can take place within HVAC systems, personal air purifiers, or self-contained air purifiers.

Water Disinfection

Clean drinking water has always been a priority, and part of that process is eliminating pathogens from the liquid. UV disinfection is a safe and effective way to accomplish this. The process can be found in home water disinfection systems, point-of-use water disinfection systems, and building water disinfection systems.

Contact Electrolock to Create Your Custom-Sized Porex Virtek PTFE Tubing

Electrolock has partnered with Porex to form UV-reflective continuous spiral-wound tubing. This tubing can be designed to work with a UV light system on ducting or piping. With a 97% average reflectance from 220nm to 400nm, less light is lost to absorption; making disinfection more efficient and effective. Electrolock’s Porex solutions also bring a host of several benefits:

  • Custom sized tube matching your system requirements
  • Inner lining of proprietary highly reflective PTFE with high reflectance, refractance and diffusion
  • Designed as an inline tube combined with a UV light system on ducting or piping
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots—Porex Virtek PTFE scatters light in all directions, spreading UV light evenly across a surface and eliminating cold spots where bacteria may survive.
  • Maintain performance in high temperatures—Working temperature of Porex Virtek PTFE is 260ºC.

We can create custom-sized tubing to perfectly match your system requirements. Additionally, our experienced team can work with you to create a custom solution if needed. Whether you are looking for Porex Virtek PTFE tubing for an HVAC system, a water disinfection system, or another application, we can make sure you receive the right product at the right size.

Contact our team today to place an order, ask questions, or request a sample.

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