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The Benefits of Working with a Generator Insulation Tape Supplier

Generators and high-voltage (HV) coils are necessary for power generation and are also intricate and complex projects that require high attention to detail in order to maximize the chances of success. Generator insulation tape providers fulfill a key role in ensuring these critical components work reliably and for a duration that fits their investment.

For HV coils, required insulation materials need to be able to handle the heat generated while also still performing up to electrical standards. Unlike traditional thermal insulation, which is designed to hold heat in, generator insulation tape needs to be thermally conductive—meaning it conducts or transfers heat from one side of the material to the other.

Finding the right insulation materials for your specific application—keeping in mind electrical performance and thermal conductivity— is necessary to ensure the best functionality possible, and working with a generator insulation tape supplier can ensure you find the best fit.

Need generator insulation tape? We’re here for you: Reach out to Electrolock to request a quote or ask for a sample.

Why Should You Partner with a Generator Insulation Tape Supplier?

They Have Various Insulation Tape Options

Generator insulation tape suppliers that have a wide inventory of various products and can help you find the perfect solution for your project. From power generation insulation products to high-voltage insulation tape, your supplier will be able to meet all of your needs.

Electrolock offers a variety of power generation insulation products, including, but not limited to:

  • Black Irradiated Polyethylene is a film that acts as a sealant and is used as the outer layer on high-voltage coils that are processed in an asphalt autoclave
  • Calmicaglas® varieties are flexible mica paper compounds that have various applications, such as motor coil insulation, low- and high-voltage machine insulation, and generator insulation
  • Conductofol® varieties are mica paper products with various applications including high-voltage coil insulation and copper conductor insulation

Electrolock’s broad high-voltage insulation materials include:

  • Mica ground wall tapes
  • Conductive tapes
  • Gradient tapes
  • Corona suppression tapes
  • Crossover insulation
  • Rotor turn insulation
  • B-staged tapes and blocking felts
  • Slot liners

They Have Proven Solutions

Knowing how successful your supplier has been with past projects that are similar to yours can save you the headache of having to make constant corrections, or even finding a new tape supplier halfway through a project. Tape suppliers with experience in your industry will be able to create solutions on a tight timeline and they will be able to advise you if you ever have questions about which solutions to choose.

They Have Technical Experience and In-House Testing Capabilities

Years of experience can help you feel confident in the ability of your tape supplier to provide you with the products you need on a quick timeline, so it is important to look for a supplier that has technical experience in your industry and with your products. They should feel confident in helping you choose the right solution for you, and in their ability to deliver that solution to you.

Additionally, working with a supplier that has in-house testing capabilities can help take some burdens off of you and your team. At Electrolock, our analytical engineers take the time to test and compare insulation materials with leading-edge technology. These chemical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal property tests can help determine which product is best for your application. This will save you time and money on trying different products before finding the one that is right for you. Just as importantly, these testing capabilities are essential in validating new designs or troubleshooting problem projects.

They have Value-Adds

The best generator insulation tape suppliers can offer more services than just insulation solutions. Whether they are offering solution design to create the perfect product for your application, or manufacturing solutions that can convert your materials, they should have the services you need so you don’t have to hire another company.

At Electrolock, design solutions and manufacturing are just two of the value-added services that we offer. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Slitting and rewinding
  • Traverse slitting and spooling
  • Coating and saturation
  • Laminating
  • Sheeting and shearing
  • Punching and rotary die-cutting
  • Spiral wound tubing
  • Kitting and packaging

Work with Electrolock for Your Generator Insulation Tape Needs

With more than 60 years of experience, Electrolock has extensive high-voltage insulation experience for power generation, motors, and hairpin motors for EVs and HEVs. Whether you need mica ground wall tapes, gradient tapes, or slot liners, we can match you with the best product for your specific solution.

Not only do we offer a wide range of products, but we can also help with your product testing, solution design, and manufacturing needs. We will test and compare your products for you, help you design efficient solutions, and complete manufacturing needs for you.

If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, contact our team today.

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