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How to Find the Right High Voltage Insulator Manufacturers

When creating a high-voltage product, it is crucial to the success and safety of your product to have a reliable insulator manufacturer. However, with so many high voltage insulator manufacturers in the market, it can be hard to know how to choose the right one for you.

When looking for a partner, there are a few major factors to consider when determining which supplier is best for your needs.

Do They Carry the Products You Need?

While one supplier might have what you need right now, down the road, your needs may change. It is important to choose high voltage insulator manufacturers that carry all of the products you need to support your current goals, improve the end product, and address secondary or future-state projects. This will save you time and money trying to find a second supplier.

At Electrolock, we carry various types of high-voltage insulation materials, including:

  • Mica Ground Wall Tapes
  • Conductive Tapes
  • Gradient Tapes
  • Corona Suppression Tapes
  • Crossover Insulation
  • Rotor Turn Insulation
  • B-Staged Tapes & Blocking Felts
  • Slot Liners

On top of our high voltage insulation, we also carry various types of battery insulation, spiral wound tubing, Porex tubing, high-temperature wire and cable insulation, thermal insulation, and polyshrink film. No matter your insulation needs, we have the products needed to create a safe and functional product.

Do the High Voltage Insulator Manufacturers Serve Your Industry?

Working with someone who understands the needs, requirements, and specifications of your industry is essential. This can help them with the manufacturing process and allows your partner to help you choose the best product for your industry and your application. They will have insight into specific requirements or regulations and will have developed problem-solving methods unique to that particular sector. Allowing your insulation manufacturer to take over the responsibility of creating the right product for your industry allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

When your insulation manufacturer has extensive experience in their industry and in creating various products, you can rest assured that your product will be of the highest quality and meet all of your needs. With years of experience also come many customer reviews and recommendations. If you partner with a manufacturer that has decades of experience, you will have more finished products to look at and more customer reviews to see if they are a good fit for your business. A proven track record is an excellent indicator of future reliability.

What Other Services Do They Have to Offer?

While it is crucial for high voltage insulation manufacturers to provide you with the products you need to create a safe and functional product, when they offer additional services you can further optimize and streamline your production schedule. By bringing many capabilities under the same roof, you can save time and money by eliminating the need to farm out different tasks to different vendors.

At Electrolock, we offer many different services to improve and create your ideal products, including:

  • Analytical Testing — Our team uses best-in-class technology to evaluate and compare your insulation materials. We test the chemical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties of your materials to determine which is ideal for your application.
  • High Voltage Testing — We test your insulation system for dissipation factor, voltage endurance, voltage breakdown, and partial discharge.
  • Solution Design — Our engineering staff believes that your insulation product should meet all of your exact needs. We will work with you to define your problem, go over budget, review data, and perform product testing to ensure the solution we create for you is exactly what you need.
  • Manufacturing Services — We can convert your materials in any way you need. From slitting and rewinding to traverse splitting and spooling to laminating and more, we will help you create the ideal solution for your needs.

Electrolock is the Expert High Voltage Insulator Manufacturer You Need

Since 1957, Electrolock has been the trusted high voltage insulator manufacturer for all insulation needs. We carry numerous products from battery and thermal insulation to wire and cable insulation and high voltage insulation to meet your needs. And, if none of our in-stock products meet your specifications, our engineering team will work closely with you to create an insulation solution that fits all of your needs.

In addition to our insulation offerings, we want to help you make sure you are making the best decision for you. Our high voltage and analytical testing, solution design, and manufacturing services compare materials and make sure they are meeting all of your needs.

If you are ready to partner with the right high voltage insulator manufacturer, contact our team today.

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