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high temperature electrical insulation materials

Breaking Down High-Temperature Electrical Insulation Materials

For many manufacturing processes and various other industries, it is crucial to have the proper electrical insulation materials in place. High temperatures are common in various industries and making sure the right high-temperature electrical insulation materials are in use can extend the life of your equipment and increase safety measures for your employees. There are...
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mica tape supplier

What to Look For in a Mica Tape Supplier

Commitment to Quality and Service Essential in this Critical Industry Mica tape is an essential component in various industries as it is prized for its performance in many applications including electrical insulation, fire-resistant applications, and thermal management. Its unique properties make it a popular choice for insulating cables, wires, and other electrical components. However, choosing...
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thermal runaway barrier

Thermal Runaway Barrier: A Safety Guide

Batteries are used everywhere from our phones to our cars, and with such widespread use, these batteries need to be as safe as possible. Unfortunately, some batteries — particularly those used within the EV or hybrid vehicle markets — can be susceptible to thermal runaway. Thermal runaway refers to a chain reaction from individual batteries...
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battery insulation material

Identifying Choices in Battery Insulation Material

Tailoring Your Material to Your Application is Critical The world today runs on batteries, of many types and styles. Larger battery packs power electric vehicles (EVs), smaller lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries fuel our cellphones and tablets and even ‘traditional’ batteries empower a plethora of hand-held devices. However, each of these use cases needs battery...
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mica plate battery insulation

Mica Plate Battery Insulation: A Robust Solution

Traditional Material Developing into Key Component for EV Protection As the electrical vehicle (EV) market continues to expand and grow, there is more focus on developing new options for insulating and dissipating the heat from the battery packs used to power them. Mica plate battery insulation is becoming increasingly popular as an option for EV...
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motor insulation solutions

Motor Insulation Solutions Rely On Proven Expertise

Commitment to Quality and Service Essential in this Critical Industry Motor insulation solutions remain a critical component in essential industries, including the construction of high voltage power generating coils and the manufacturing of various hairpin motors serving the EV and HEV markets. Insulation systems are particularly important when it comes to motor and generator coils,...
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layflat tubing

PET Layflat Tubing: Smooth Out Battery Insulation

It’s no secret that heat shrink tubing is a critical element in production for many industries, from component manufacturing for automotive and aerospace to sporting goods. But PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate, or Polyester) layflat tubing, while also being heat shrinkable, maximizes the impact of this versatile element for battery production. Heat shrink tubing is often used...
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high voltage insulation testing

Validate Potential Changes with High Voltage Insulation Testing

High voltage insulation testing is important when making changes to high voltage coil designs. Companies need to confirm that the performance of the new design will meet or exceed the current specs. No coil manufacturer will make the decision to alter the insulation systems involved in coil construction lightly. Perhaps a coil needs to be...
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polyester heat shrink

Polyester Heat Shrink Tape Provides Compression, with Release Options

Polyester heat shrink materials, be it in applied tape, film, or spiral wound tubing, are critical in the manufacturing and processing of high-voltage components — and composites used across many other industries. Polyester heat shrink tape, in particular, is regarded as one of the best ways to compress composite materials, wet layups, and prepregs that...
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