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Electrolock provides insulation solutions tailored to meet your needs. Read industry and company news, and learn more about featured products in our collection of informative blog posts below.

Electrolock Testing and Quality Make the Difference

Engineers come to Electrolock with some of their biggest and most complex electrical insulation challenges, and they trust Electrolock to develop quality solutions. A big reason for that trust is because of the thorough testing and validation procedures we undertake in our labs. We’re able to run the final products through a battery (pun intended)...
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Custom Insulation for Military Batteries

Batteries power so many of the devices and equipment we rely on every day. Few, however, face the demands of those placed on them like batteries used by the military. Today’s soldiers rely on batteries to power their equipment in extreme and often dangerous conditions. Military battery manufacturers rely on Electrolock’s engineers to deliver solutions...
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Special Notice Regarding Polyimide Film Availability

Marketplace demand for Polyimide Film is outpacing availability, but Electrolock has the supply to meet your needs. The current Polyimide Film supply shortage is the result of significant demand from flatscreen electronics manufacturers. The thermal transfer properties of modified Polyimide Film make it perfect for use in LCD screens and other similar electronics applications. Supply...
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Battery Show 2018: It’s All About Power

We’re noticing an interesting shift in the battery, electric vehicle, and power generation industries, reinforced by our recent interactions at The Battery Show North America 2018 in Novi, Michigan. After three days of speaking with experts from the fields of battery technologies, electric vehicles, and critical power, there is clearly a new wave of excitement...
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Manufacturing High Voltage Coils and Composites with PVF Shrink Films

Polyshrink PVF So much of what goes into the end result of a product stems from what happens during production. Testing, validating, and perfecting a process over time is something our engineers take with a hands-on approach. This is evident with our PVF shrink films, a tailored approach to high performance sacrifice and release films...
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Spiral Wound Tubing- One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Have you ever bought a suit off the rack and had it fit perfectly? We didn’t think so. For a perfect fit, you’d go to a tailor to custom design your suit. Electrolock is the custom designer of spiral wound tubing. Electrolock understands that your company’s needs are unique. Our approach begins by defining your...
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Charged EVs: Tecnomatic Helps Automakers Design Specialty Assembly Processes for Advanced Stator Technologies

There seems to be an endless array of electric motor topologies, architectures, and configurations. Among the many design choices that engineers face is the shape of copper wire that is wound in the stator. In a new paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, researchers compared using flat wire hairpin winding and stranded...
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Custom Slot Liners for Hairpin Hybrid Motors

Want more power from that motor? Try redesigning your slot liner. Optimizing slot liner design can help create the most power from your hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) or electric vehicle (EV). One of the biggest challenges for the HEV/EV manufacturers is how to achieve more horsepower from the same size motor. How do you optimize...
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rotor turn insulation

Rotor Insulation

Electric generators contain a rotating rotor that induces an electric field into the stator winding to produce electric current. Electrolock’s rotor insulation is used to insulate copper turns in these rotor windings, providing a dielectric barrier between copper bars that carry current. Insulated copper bars are stacked into a metal slot through the length of...
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