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motor insulation solutions

Motor Insulation Solutions Rely On Proven Expertise

Commitment to Quality and Service Essential in this Critical Industry

Motor insulation solutions remain a critical component in essential industries, including the construction of high voltage power generating coils and the manufacturing of various hairpin motors serving the EV and HEV markets. Insulation systems are particularly important when it comes to motor and generator coils, resource-heavy investments that require high-quality protection to ensure their performance and enhance their operable lifespan.

When looking for electrical insulation solutions, whether for a new coil design or to improve the performance of an existing product, it’s critical to consider what the right partner should bring to the table. You need an insulation provider that understands the time demands the industry operates under, has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products, forms difference-making vendor relationships, and has the expertise to work through problems to find tailored solutions to your specific needs.

When seeking motor insulation solutions, you need a partner you can trust. Electrolock has decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and testing insulation products covering a wide range of applications. We take pride in going beyond what’s expected to deliver the results our customers need. Let’s go over some of the elements many of our long-term partners have relied on for their critical electrical insulation projects.

Need an Insulation System? We’re here to help: Reach out to Electrolock to learn how we design tailored insulation solutions, request a quote, or ask for a sample.

Working with You for Motor Insulation Solutions

At Electrolock, we’ve worked hard to build relationships with our customers based on a set of core beliefs, technical expertise, and proven results.

We Provide Expert Motor Insulation Solutions

Because Electrolock covers every aspect of motor and high voltage insulation, it can address all the major processes used in constructing coils — and find the right insulation system and products to ensure their operation.

  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) — This process requires ‘dry’ tape (with no resin) for completion.
  • Resin-Rich — Conversely this process needs ‘loaded’ tape for the hydrostatic pressure application.
  • Dip and Bake — Typically this is the most economical approach for medium voltage coil insulations. It offers a quick way to encapsulate the insulation system with a varnish to protect and provide some level of additional insulation protection.

Electrolock also provides expertise in corona suppression tapes and many ancillary materials that are important to motor insulation. Beyond this one segment, Electrolock also covers solutions for battery insulation, thermal runaway, spiral wound tubing, and many more applications. Electrolock is capable of finding the bespoke fix to your engineering challenge.

Exceptional Service

Beyond expertise in designing and providing insulation systems, and testing their effectiveness, Electrolock also works with customers to provide high-value additional services. This includes assistance in inventory management. We have Just-In-Time capabilities, even rush shipments when needed, and have developed applications to help our customers better manage a wide variety of Electrolock SKUs to improve lead times and reduce shortages.

These services, combined with our range of manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise, help Electrolock deliver timely, needle-moving solutions. Time is of the essence for motor and high-voltage coil manufacturers and Electrolock allows them to save on that precious resource and positively impact the bottom line.

How it Looks in Practice

Consider this scenario: A large high-voltage coil manufacturer is nearing the completion of a critical project, complete with many custom specifications. It represents a significant investment. The bars are built and installed, and all the other components are in place, but one element is still missing. The company originally contracted to provide a key component in the insulation solution — a particular spec of mica tape — has had difficulty finding the right solution for the project. The whole endeavor is paused.

Enter Electrolock. We’re familiar with the needed component, know it inside and out, have experience in its application, and have it (or an equivalent) on-site. Roped into the project in the evening, Electrolock can tackle the specifics and get a solution out the door the next day. With each day representing a significant cost, Electrolock can deliver timely mission-critical solutions with our expertise and experience.

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Trust Electrolock for Motor Insulation Solutions

Electrolock has been engineering solutions for the high-voltage electrical, battery, and thermal insulation industries since 1957. Our focus remains focused on creating unique and tailored solutions to service the most demanding requests. We have the distributor relationships and engineering experience to find the right application solution for you.

Connect with Electrolock today to schedule a one-on-one evaluation regarding custom insulation needs and application specifics.

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