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Insulation Materials
types of electrical wire insulation
There are various types of electrical wire insulation on the market, with each implementing different materials including polyimide, Teflon®, and mica tapes. Each has properties that make them ideal for electrical insulation for specific applications — from aircraft to appliances. Today we’re exploring the properties of these different types of electrical wire insulation and their...
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calcined mica uses
There are many calcined mica uses thanks to the material’s various beneficial properties. Calcined mica is non-flammable and has low thermal conductivity, making it a great insulation material. Calcined mica tapes are also very durable, which is useful in demanding situations. Calcined mica tapes are designed to withstand high temperatures. At Electrolock, we take into...
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dielectric barrier
Commonly used in wires, cables, and batteries, a dielectric barrier prevent electrical discharge between two electrodes. They are primarily used to discourage thermal runaway and overheating in their applications and are crucial to maintaining the safety and functionality of the product. Materials Used as Dielectric Barriers Mica Mica is a very poor conductor of electricity,...
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die cut solutions for electrical insulation and cell wrapping
Die cutting is a manufacturing process that utilizes a machine and a metal component called a die to cut specific shapes from a sheet of material. It is a quick and easy way to create customized materials for specific applications. Working with a manufacturer who provides die-cut solutions for electrical insulation and cell wrapping allows...
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pet insulation
Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is a clear, strong, lightweight plastic that is 100% recyclable. This versatile plastic has various applications in many industries, however, many of PET’s inherent properties make it a great choice for electrical insulation. Its high structural stability, electrical insulation, resistance to cracking, and low water absorption make PET insulation a popular...
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