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Spiral Wound Tubing- One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Have you ever bought a suit off the rack and had it fit perfectly? We didn’t think so. For a perfect fit, you’d go to a tailor to custom design your suit. Electrolock is the custom designer of spiral wound tubing.

Electrolock understands that your company’s needs are unique. Our approach begins by defining your requirements. We work with your engineering group to understand your application, how the product will be processed, and what cost requirements we need to meet. By following this process, we eliminate the trial and error often required with off-the-shelf products.

Once we understand your application, Electrolock uses our extensive background in materials to custom design a tube to fit your application and budget. Materials like PET (polyester), Kapton® (polyimide), Nomex® (aramid paper), aluminum, fiberglass, felt, vulcanized fiber, and mica are a few of the options that can be considered to manufacture a tube.

An additional benefit of working with Electrolock is the engineering assistance we provide after the tube is made. Electrolock has full in-house testing capabilities to validate all the performance requirements of the tube. Tests include electrical, thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance. As your partner, Electrolock’s engineering and sales teams will be present at your plant during trials to ensure the tube works correctly in your application.

Electrolock already provides tubing for a variety of high performance applications. Each of these tubes meet our customers specialized design requirements. These applications include:

  • Thermal cutouts, heating elements, slot Liners, motor lead insulators, sensors, EMI Shielding, and speaker voice coils.
  • Under the hood heat shields and caps and exhaust systems.
  • Battery and capacitors sleeves, current collector sleeves, corrosion prevention, masking caps, protective liners, bolt insulators.

So why not cut out the trial and error and partner with Electrolock to develop a tube that is a perfect fit your application.

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